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Polar Game

PLAY ME What can an artificial world tell us about the natural one? The game’s players strive to influence the accumulation and melting of polar snow and ice. In order to allow a player’s actions to have clear & immediate effect, the complex forces that factor into polar climate are greatly simplified. The result is not intended to be a scientific simulation or to be terribly accurate in how it models the natural world. Instead, it is an interactive poem that presents a heightened reality. Clicking on clouds causes them to condense and eventually precipitate into either snow or rain, depending on the temperature. As layers of snow accumulate on the ground, they compress into ice. Rain causes the top layer of accumulate snow or ice to melt. Solar radiation…

Grave Ride

Randomness is a big part of any computer game. Designers determine how randomness will affect gameplay and how much of the gameplay will actually be based on the player’s skill. It is one of the most popular topics in the player’s community. It is possible to create games that are not random at all, or make games that are purely random. I would like to explore the idea of randomness in games by creating a simple, casual game where a player can determine the level of randomness in the game and decide what level of randomness gives him the most enjoyment. I will use HTML5 to design the game, as it recently became a very popular tool for making simple web-browser based games.