Grzegorz Lewkowicz is a graphic designer and web developer.
I was born and raised in Bialystok, Poland. From the first day I can remember I was that kid who was curious about everything. Instead of playing with my toys I would disassemble them to see what was inside and how they worked. Even though I have a good memory I was never able to remember dates and definitions. This is how I ended up majoring in Electronic Engineering in High School—I wanted to get my hands on something practical.
At the same time, I was connected to the Internet and amazed by it. I decided that I wanted to be a part of the Web, and I started to build my first websites. I was fascinated with technology, so much so that I dreamed about studying IT (Information technology) in college. After graduating from high school I studied, but It was not what what I was expecting.
I decided to makes some changes in my life. I changed my school, my major, and the place where I lived. I moved to New York and started studying Electronic Design and Multimedia in the City College of New York. I am very happy I made that decision. Finally, I do what I love, and that feels just great.